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You must have felt negative energy at some point in your life. If this remains even after best efforts, so, this can also affects the people at home. Due to which arguments and fights sweden phone number keep happening among the family members. this eliminates positivity from mind and body and makes you feel sad and tired. If there is negative energy in your house too, then you can remove this by doing these easy remedies at home.


According to the scriptures it is considered best to place the picture. Panchmukhi Hanuman ji in the south and west direction. By placing Hanuman picture in the south and west direction, his blessings remain on the family. Also, negative energy does not reside in the house. By installing the idol or picture of Hanuman ji, Vaastu defects are removed from the and

Wealth also increases

If you feel negative energy in your house then you can plant peacock feathers in the south or west direction. Peacock feather removes this from your house, which increases the effect of positive energy.

If you plant peacock feathers near the main door of the house, then negative energy will not be able to enter and this will maintain an

Atmosphere of positivity

Positive energy enters from the entrance i.e. the main door. To remove negative energy from the house, it is very important to have ventilation. Open all the windows and doors  Albania Phone Number and let the air in, even if it is cold outside. Apart from this, it is very important to design the entrance door properly and always keep it clean so that it can be kept away from the house.

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